Please see our instructions below before proceeding to our Schedule Service Portal.

Step 1 - Get Started: Enter your vehicle information in the appropriate fields.

Step 2 - Services: Select "Express Service" for minor maintenance, including tire rotation, oil change, etc. Select "Service" for all other services. Then, choose appropriate services that you need for your vehicle. Please include necessary notes for the service advisor.

Step 3 - Calendar: Make a selection from the "Any Advisor" menu. Next, let the Ford Service Center staff know if you need to use a Shuttle or if you will have your own transportation. Finally, select a day and time that fits your schedule.


Step 4 - Review: Enter your personal information in the appropriate fields, then verify your appointment time and service. Make any changes you see fit.


Schedule Ford Auto ServiceOil Changes, Tire Rotations, Battery Services, and More

Schedule a service appointment with the Ford Service Center at Kendall Ford of Anchorage. Our Xtime service scheduler will have you ready for your next Ford oil change, transmission checkup, or any other Ford service in no time. Need that wheel alignment done fast? Worried about your Ford car battery in the harsh Alaska conditions? Whether you're in a hurry or a new customer, our Xtime scheduler and Ford dealership staff will get you taken care of to your unique vehicle's specifications.

We'll Keep You Up to Date with Your Maintenance Schedule

Create an account so we can store your vehicle information for the next time you schedule car maintenance, saving you even more time. We'll keep track of your mileage and car maintenance schedule and remind you when your next Ford brake service, Ford tire rotation, or other service is due. Schedule an appointment today!

Be sure to check out our service specials after you make an appointment for your service. We always try to offer you the best deals possible; it helps make your day that much better when you're waiting for your Ford car or Ford truck.